• $ 25.00
    Air Filter Element New; fit your Suzuki Swift 2004 to 2010. engines M13A.M15A.M16A. model codes ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC32S, good quality filter element fits New Zealand new and Japanese imports. average replacement 25,000kms to 40,000kms depending on driving conditions.
  • $ 95.00
    Genuine New Oxygen Sensor. upstream or top 4 pin type connector short one about 380mm long. for Suzuki Swift 2001 to 2005. these are for the early model Swifts as listed below. Models code HT51S,HT81S,HR51S,HR81S, fits the G13A G15A,G16A engines. suitable for New Zealand new and Japanese import models. also fit the Holden Cruz,
  • $ 47.00
    Engine Oil Service Pack M13A,M15A,M16A  engines. for Japanese import  Suzuki Swifts 2004 to 2010. full  Synthetic Oil 5W-30.oil pack 1x Oil filter. can be used in Japanese import ONLY as oil filters are different for NZ new. M13A,M15A,A jap import engines.          ZC11S,ZC21S, MODELS
  • $ 117.00
    NGK  Laser  Iridium spark plug set Suitable for Japanese import and most New Zealand new models. 2004 to 2010. spark plugs last 80,000 to 100,000 km depending on the driving conditions.   top brand ultimate plug for your low km engine. M13A,M15A,M16A Engines ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S.          
  • $ 17.70
    Ryco Oil Filter (NZ NEW ONLY) note this filter is only for Nrew Zealand vehicle only. Top brand very good quality. 2004 to 2010 Suzuki Swift. Engines: M13A,M15A, SOME M16A. Not the K12B or K14B Engine Models: ZC11S, ZC21S, ZC31S NZ new models only
  • $ 47.95
    Air filter element. Top quality brand. Fits 2004 to 2010 Suzuki Swifts, Japanese imports & New Zealand new models. Engines: M13A, M15A.
  • $ 10.00
    New oil filter for your Suzuki Swift engine. fits New Zealand new and Japanese import models M13A,M15A,and some M16A engines Good quality filter. Service your engine every 8,000kms to 10,000kms.
  • $ 75.00
    2nd hand starter motor. 12 month part replacement warranty for 2005 to 2010 Suzuki Swift. M13A.M15A M16A engines. fits New Zealand new or Japanese import models ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,
  • $ 75.00
    Preloved alternators for 2004 to 2010 Suzuki Swift suitable for M13A. M15A.M16A. engines.  fits Japanese import and New Zealand new models.  numbers off the alternator,tag colour or even a photo helps greatly.  100 day part replacement warranty.
  • $ 42.00
    New engine belt.(also called fan belt) Photo shows one belt only but it is for a pair to fit your Suzuki Swift 2004 to 2010. Bosch brand of belt. Good quality belt does not stretch like others. M13A,M15A,M16A engines.
  • $ 120.00
    body control module.for 2005 to 2010 Suzuki Swifts fit New Zealand new and Japanese import models. located behind your fuse box 12 month  part replacement warranty. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S ZC71S,
  • $ 75.00
    Engine Oil Service Pack.   1X 5 Liter full synthetic 5w-30 engine oil   1X quality  oil filter. suitable for New Zealand new and Japanese import models. 2004 to 2010 Suzuki Swift models.  M13A,M15A,,engines. ZC11S,ZC21S,,MODELS.
  • $ 69.00
    5W-30 semi synthetic engine oil. 1x 5 litre pack 5w-30. 1x air filter element. 1x engine oil filter. engines, M13A,M15A,M16A,models ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S. New Zealand new and Japanese import vehicles.
  • $ 80.00
    Preloved alternator. for 2008 to 2010 Suzuki Swift . only for the K12B Engine only. a part number off the alternator or a photo would be a help. tested before on sold. 6 month part replacement warranty.
  • $ 70.00
    new  OEM air flow meter .also sometimes called MAF sensor. very good OEM quality 5 pin type. for Suzuki Swift 2005 to 2010. suit NZ new and Japanese import models.and AWD. 24 months or 40,000km replacement warranty. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC31S
  • $ 65.00
    EGR Valve.2nd hand unit that has been tested and refurbished. 12 Month part replacement warranty. 2004 to 2010 Models. suits M13A,M15A, M16A Engines only. NZ new and Japanese import models.ZC11S,ZC21S,
  • $ 45.00
    New Crank Angle Sensor. new aftermarket OEM quality. comes with 24 months or 20,000km parts warranty. suitable for M13A ,M15A.M16A engines . Suits New Zealand new or Japanese import models. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC32S,ZC71S,
  • $ 40.00
    new spark plug set.(4).NGK quality brand NZ only vehicles running M15A engine ZC21S MODEL
  • $ 50.00
    2nd hand aircon pipe. checked for any crimping or severe bends before taken off compressor. for all Suzuki Swift 2004 to 2010. fits Japanese import and New Zealand new vehicles. ring or email which pipe you require high pressure or low pressure one. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC32S,ZC71S.
  • $ 135.00
    throttle body for K14B  engines. tested before removal and comes with a 12 month  parts warranty. Suzuki Swift 2011 to 2015 NZ new and Japanese import models. ZC82S, Model
  • $ 70.00
    engine injector  genuine new complete with seal for K12B ,Engines  suitable for New Zealand new and Japanese import models. ZC71S Model 
  • $ 17.00
    Ryco Oil Filter for K14B Engine only.Top quality for your  K14B engine only. Long lasting 15,000km replacement NZ new and Japanese import models ZC82S model Z443  
  • $ 80.00
    New Genuine engine coil packSuitable for Engines. K14B - 2011 on. Check the spark plugs also before fitting new coil packs. this can also cause a problem with coils breaking down due to large plug gaps. 24 months or 20,000km part replacement policy. ZC82S,ZC83S,
  • $ 16.00
    NEW cabin air filter.   to suit your 2004-2017 Suzuki Swift. suits New Zealand new and Japanese imports models wix brand expensive but long lasting depending on driving conditions of course. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC71S ZC82S,ZC83S models.  

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