• $ 88.55
    New NGK  Iridium IX  spark plugs Suitable for Japanese import and most New Zealand new models. 2004-2010. spark plugs last 80,000 to 100,000 km depending on the driving conditions.   top brand ultimate plug for your engine. 4 spark plugs in total M13A,M15A,M16A Engines ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S.          
  • $ 74.75
    2nd hand starter motor. 12 month part replacement warranty for 2004-2010 Suzuki Swift. M13A.M15A M16A engines. fits New Zealand new or Japanese import models ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,
  • $ 115.00
    2nd hand alternator. for 2011 to 2016 Suzuki Swift suitable for K12B . engines.  fits Japanese import and New Zealand new models.  numbers off the alternator, tag color or even a photo helps greatly.  12 month part replacement warranty. ZC72S,ZC82S,Models
  • $ 70.00
    Used radiator fan assembly. has been tested before removal. 6 months parts replacement warranty only. comes with motor ,blade,and shroud. there are two types one with a plug into the motor  the other with a wring loom. determine which one is required by email or txt for Suzuki Swift 2005-2010. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC71SZC31S,
  • $ 55.00
    Second hand master window switch. tested and inspected before being sold. 2004-2010 Suzuki Swift with window, door and mirror switch combined  suits New Zealand new and Japanese import models including the Sports model. 12 month part replacement warranty. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC71S,ZD11S,ZD21S ZC31S models.
  • $ 30.00
    Analog heater control assembly. for Suzuki Swift 2004 to 2006. 2nd hand unit tested and comes with 12 month parts warranty. comes complete with cables and clips. fits New Zealand new and Japanese import model. ZC11S Models
  • $ 69.00
    2nd hand ECU computer. for steering geometry for Suzuki Swift 2004-2010. where possible they are tested before removal 6 month part replacement warranty will need some number off the computer or download a photo of the part number.  New Zealand new and Japanese import models. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC32S,ZC71S,
  • $ 65.00
    New Crank Angle Sensor. new aftermarket OEM quality. comes with 24 months or 40,000km parts warranty. suitable for K12B engines . Suits New Zealand new or Japanese import models. ZC71S,Models
  • $ 15.00
    New fog light switch . these  are located on the right hand side of the dash. they are new OEM quality   to suit  2004 to 2010 Suzuki Swift. Japanese import and New Zealand new models. ZC11S,ZD11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC32S,ZC71S.
  • $ 60.00
    Fan unit 2nd hand. for Suzuki Swift 2004-2010. NZ new and Japanese import models. Tested and a 90 day part replacement warranty. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC71S, models
  • $ 20.00
    Window switch. located in the left front and left rear door 2nd hand tested before recycled. 12 months part replacement warranty. for Suzuki Swift 2004-2010. NZ new and Japanese import models. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC71S MODELS.
  • $ 57.50
     Wiper rack unit. for 2004- 2010 Suzuki Swifts. comes complete with wiper spindles. fits Japanese import or New Zealand new models. 2nd hand and workshop tested with 12 month parts warranty. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZD11S,ZD21S,ZC71S,MODELS
  • $ 20.00
     Power window switch. for left hand rear door. Suzuki Swift 2004-2010. NZ new and Japanese import models. 2nd hand and tested 12 month part replacement warranty. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC71S,ZC32S MODELS.
  • $ 20.00
    Power window switch. 2nd hand  for 2004-2010 Suzuki Swift. NZ new and Japanese import models. 12 month part replacement warranty. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC71S,ZC32S,models
  • $ 45.00
    Rear window wiper motor. 2nd hand tested and comes with 12 Month  part replacement warranty. suits NZ new and Japanese import models. spindle and spline also checked ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC32S,ZC71S,ZC32S,models
  • $ 180.00
    Ignition barrel and key assembly. need information when ordering these. a rego plate number also if manual or automatic. 2nd hand and tested and comes with 100 day part replacement warranty. for Suzuki Swift 2007-2010 NZ new and Japanese import models. comes with ECU as well ZC11S, ZC21S Models
  • $ 80.00
    2nd hand  automatic computer (ECU) for 2004-2010 Suzuki swift NZ new and Japanese import models. number off ECU is required or a photo to supply correct computer sometimes the color of the label of your ECU also helps. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC32S,ZC71S models.
  • $ 57.00
    Wiper switch. 2nd hand wiper switch unit. 12 month parts only replacement warranty. tested before removed from the vehicle check storks and writing aren't worn or faded. 2004-2010 Suzuki Swifts.and AWD models NZ new and Japanese import models. ZA11S,ZD11S,ZC11S ZC21S,ZD21S,ZC31S,ZC32S,ZC71S,ZC72S MODELS.
  • $ 48.00
    Headlight switch. 2004-2010 Suzuki Swift. 2nd hand assembly. NZ new and Japanese import models. tested and comes with a 6 MONTH parts only warranty, ZC21S,ZC11S.ZC71S,ZC31S,
  • $ 75.00
    Wiper switch. 2nd hand unit. tested before removed and comes with a 12 months parts warranty, Suzuki Swift 2010- 2017. Japanese import and NZ new. ZC72S, ZC82S, MODEL
  • $ 57.50
    New genuine Suzuki ignition coil  Suitable for Engines. K12B Engine  2007-2010. price is per unit Check the spark plugs also before fitting new coil packs. this can also cause a problem with coils breaking down due to large plug gaps. ZC71S,Model
  • $ 30.00
    2nd hand clock spring. located under the steering wheel. need part number off your old unit for Suzuki Swift 2005 to 2010 NZ new and Japanese imports. comes with part replacement warranty ZC21S,ZC11S,ZC71S,ZC31S
  • $ 86.26
    Instrument cluster. 2nd hand unit and tested before been removed . for Suzuki Swift 2005 to 2010. NZ new and Japanese import models, the numbers off the back of the instrument cluster are required. comes with a 12 month part replacement warranty. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC71S,ZC31S,MODELS.
  • $ 45.00
    New engine knock sensor, for Suzuki Swift 2004-2015. comes with 12 month parts only replacement warranty. suits New Zealand new and Japanese import models.  M13A M15A M16A,K14B engines only. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S, (NZ ZC82S) Models

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