• $ 90.00
    Genuine new oxygen Sensor rear  K12B Engine 4 pin type connector short one about 380mm long. for Suzuki Swift 2007 to 2010 these are for the early model Swifts as listed below. ZC71S
  • $ 65.00
    New Crank Angle Sensor. new aftermarket OEM quality. comes with 24 months or 40,000km parts warranty. suitable for K12B engines . Suits New Zealand new or Japanese import models. ZC71S,Models
  • $ 45.00
    2nd Hand Wheel  Sensor. TEMP OUT OF STOCK SORRY Only new at present right hand front Suzuki Swift 2004-2010. Tested and inspected for any damage or fraying. For New Zealand new and Japanese import models including Sports model 12 month part replacement warranty. ZC11S, ZC21S, ZC31S, ZC71S
  • $ 45.00
    New engine knock sensor, for Suzuki Swift 2004-2015. comes with 12 month parts only replacement warranty. suits New Zealand new and Japanese import models.  M13A M15A M16A,K14B engines only. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S, (NZ ZC82S) Models
  • $ 125.00
     New Oxygen Sensor also called an 02 Sensor. 5 pin connector this is the upstream O2 sensor. Suitable for Suzuki Swift Engines K12B,  2007-2010 Model Suzuki Swifts,ZC71S. some ZC72S AS WELL Fits New Zealand new and Japanese import models.
  • $ 115.00
    Genuine New Oxygen Sensor.  sometimes called down stream or rear 02 sensor. Suitable for Suzuki Swift New Zealand new and Japanese import models. K12B engines only . 12 months 30,000km part replacement warranty  ZC71S,ZC72S Models
  • $ 115.00
    New o2 or Oxygen sensor . Sold Out more Mid June 2022 Bank1 or TOP as they are sometimes called suitable for 2004-2010 Suzuki Swifts. NZ new and Japanese import models. this is the upstream or top 02 Sensor 4 pin. suitable for M13A,M15A,M16A, Engines models ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC32S, 12 month part replacement warranty.
  • $ 80.50
    New mass air flow sensor (maf). aftermarket, OEM quality for 2004-2010 Suzuki swifts. running M13A,M15A,M16A, Engines. Japanese import and NZ new models. 24 month 40,000km part replacement warranty. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC32S,
  • $ 19.00
    New MAF Cleaner(mass air flow cleaner) top quality brand. all model Suzuki Swifts. all engines except diesel. ZA11S,ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC71S,ZC31S,ZC32S,Models. K12B,M13A,M15A,M16A, Engines.
  • $ 19.00
    throttle body cleaner. for all model Suzuki Swifts (except diesel) top quality brand of cleaner. suitable for Japanese imports and NZ new models. used for preventative maintenance when you do a service on your vehicle. ZA11S,ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC71S,ZC32S Models K12B,M13A,M15A,M16A Engines
  • $ 35.00
    maf and throttle body cleaners. very good quality brand. ideal when servicing your Suzuki Swift suitable for all engines and models except diesel. M13A,M15A,M16A,K12B. ZA11S,ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC71S,ZC32S,ZC83S,ZC83S.
  • $ 50.00
    2nd hand wheel sensor temp out of stock sorry for 2004-2010 Suzuki Swifts. NZ new and Japanese import models. fits left hand front only models ZC11S,ZC21S,,ZC71S
  • $ 166.90
    New OEM quality Ignition Coils . for 2004 - 2016 Suzuki Swifts. AWD and Sports models consists of two new ignition coils.  Japanese import and NZ new models. best to replace a pair as normally if one is faulty the other is sure to follow. 12month part replacement policy. ZC11S,ZD11S,ZC21S,ZD21S,ZC31S,
  • $ 75.00
    new air flow meter. genuine new Bosch brand. Suzuki swift diesel model only. Japanese import model D13A engine come with 24 month replacement warranty ZC92S,ZC02S,
  • $ 50.00
    New genuine purge valve. genuine new valve unit. for the K12B and K14B engines. suits NZ new and Japanese import models. located on the inlet manifold. in short it stop petrol fumes escaping in to atmosphere. ZC71S,ZC82S,ZC83S,
  • $ 103.50
    New o2 sensor. temp out of stock more end of April 2022 suitable for 2004 to 2010 Suzuki Swifts.  Japanese import models only this is the downstream or rear 02 Sensor 4 pin. 12 month parts replacement only warranty. for  M13A,M15A,M16A,engines. models ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S, Including the Suzuki Swift Sports.
  • $ 13.80
    New 02 Sensor socket.  for your Suzuki Swift 2004-2017. 22mm x 3/8 drive special socket to remove oxygen sensors form your manifold. fits New Zealand new and Japanese import models. fits all model Suzuki Swifts. Models ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC71S,ZC72S.ZC31S,ZC82S,        
  • $ 51.75
    Genuine new MAP sensors. suits New Zealand new and Japanese import models. Suzuki Swift 2007-2010 K12B engine only we have sections of rad support parts as well like top slam panel rad support inner uprights. there is a parts diagram in the pictures you can order by piece if you wish. ZC71S  models.
  • $ 75.90
     EGR valve 2nd hand for 2007-2014 Suzuki Swift K12B or 1.2 engines only NZ new and Japanese import models 6 month parts only replacement warranty. ZC71S, MODELS
  • $ 55.00
    New  Throttle Position Sensor. also called TPS Sorry sold out  more June 2022  called throttle position sensor. 12 month part replacement policy. NZ new and Japanese import models. suits M13A,M15A,M16A Engines. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,
  • $ 65.00
    Genuine new speed sensor. for 2007-2010 Suzuki Swifts located in the automatic gearbox suitable for Japanese import and New Zealand new models. genuine new item K12B Engines ONLY ZC71S,
  • $ 40.00
    Preloved clock spring. located under the steering wheel. need part number off your old unit for Suzuki Swift 2011 to 2017 NZ new and Japanese imports. these are 2nd hand and out of vehicle that have not had airbag activated ZC72S Models,
  • $ 225.00
     EGR valve new Temp out of stock more about 2weeks 27/1/22021 for 2005-2010 Suzuki Swift M13A M15A  M16A engines only. OEM Quality NZ new and Japanese import models 12 month part replacement warranty. ZC11,ZC21SZC31S MODELS
  • $ 70.00
    New wheel sensor. new and aftermarket product. for 2004-2010 Suzuki Swifts. NZ new and Japanese import models. fits right hand front only. models ZC11S,ZC21S,,ZC71S

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