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  • $ 65.00
    Genuine new speed sensor. Temp Out of stock for 2007-2010 Suzuki Swifts located in the automatic gearbox suitable for Japanese import and New Zealand new models. genuine new item K12B Engines ONLY ZC71S,
  • $ 80.00
     upper re enforcing bar. temp out of stock sorry 2nd hand unit this is the upper re bar located just behind the front bumper. fits Suzuki Swifts 2004 to 2010. suitable for Japanese imports or New Zealand new vehicles. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC71S,ZC31S models.
  • $ 59.30
    New DRL Driving lamp single . For 2004-2017 Suzuki Swift left or right side. interchangeable aftermarket Product comes with the fog light bulb. Fits all models including the Sport model, New Zealand new & Japanese import models. Models: ZC11S, ZC21S, ZC31S, ZC32S ZC71S, ZC72S, ZC82S
  • $ 90.00
    Genuine new oxygen Sensor rear  K12B Engine 4 pin type connector short one about 380mm long. for Suzuki Swift 2007 to 2010 these are for the early model Swifts as listed below. ZC71S
  • $ 22.50
     New genuine left hand outer grille. this is the bumper grille  with the fog light hole right hand  new and genuine product. fit Suzuki Swifts from 2007-2010 the facelift model. fits Japanese import and New Zealand new vehicles. ZC71S ZC21S models.
  • $ 71.30
    Engine Oil and Oil Filter (Japanese Only) M13A, M15A, engines. For Japanese import  Suzuki Swifts 2004-2010. Semi Synthetic Oil 10W-30.oil pack 5Lt. Quality brand oil filter, WIX, or RYCO can be used in Japanese import ONLY as oil filters are different for NZ new. M13A,M15A, jap import engines.          ZC11S,ZC21S, MODELS
  • $ 17.25
    New front bumper outer grille blank. right hand side AS YOU SIT IN THE CAR. for 2004 to 2007 Suzuki Swifts. fits Japanese import and New Zealand new models they cover the hole in the bumper where the fog light goes. NZ new and Japanese import models. ZC11S,ZD11S awd
  • $ 17.25
    New front bumper outer grille blank. for 2004 to 2006 Suzuki Swift. LEFT HAND SIDE as you sit in the car. It covers the hole where a driving light goes. Pre facelift without fog light hole . Fits New Zealand new and Japanese Suzuki Swifts. Supplied free with front bumper covers. ZC11S,SOME ZC21S,Models
  • $ 57.60
    OEM  new lower grille.  fits in lower portion of the front bumper. for your Suzuki Swift 2004-2006. good fit to the front bumper insert. fits Japanese import and New Zealand new models. ZC11S,ZD11S
  • $ 25.00
    Dimmer dash light switch 2nd hand unit for 2007-2017 Suzuki Swift. checked and tested before removal.  for  NZ new or Japanese import. ZC71S ZC72S,ZC82S Model
  • $ 14.30
    Pro Select  Oil Filter (for Japanese import models only) For: Suzuki Swift 2004 to 2010. Top brand and for Japanese import models only. Engines: M13A, M15A and some M16A engines. Models: ZC11S, ZC21S, ZC31S
  • $ 28.75
    New Aftermarket Top Radiator support panel.r/hand Joins to top inner rail and to the top radiator slam panel. Left, Right and Centre options available. Fits Japanese import and New Zealand new vehicles. For 2004 to 2010 Suzuki Swift. All engine types.
  • $ 29.90
    new radiator top support panel.l/hand. right hand side.runs along the top of the headlight unit. new and aftermarket for Suzuki Swift 2004-2010. fits New Zealand new and Japanese import models. including the Sports.
  • $ 25.30
    New top center radiator support panel.(slam panel) this is the panel the bonnet closes down onto. new and aftermarket. good fitting,can supply left and right top panel as well suits New Zealand new and Japanese import models. for Suzuki Swift 2004-2010. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC71S 
  • $ 143.75
    New Front Strut. /Code9 Left or Right Hand Front. For Suzuki Swift 2005-2010 These struts fit New Zealand new and Japanese import models. Including the Sports. 36 month or 80,000km parts warranty. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC71S MODELS
  • $ 19.50
    New Ryco Oil Filter (NZ NEW ONLY) note this filter is only for New Zealand new vehicles only. Top brand very good quality. 2004-2010 Suzuki Swift. Engines: M13A,M15A, SOME M16A. Not the K12B or K14B Engine. Models: ZC11S, ZC21S, ZC31S NZ new models only
  • $ 29.40
    NEW cabin air filter.   to suit your 2004-2017 Suzuki Swift. suits New Zealand new and Japanese imports models wix brand long lasting depending on driving conditions of course. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC71S ZC82S,ZC72S, models.  
  • $ 100.00
    New BODY MOULDINGS  for 2007-2010 New Zealand Suzuki Swift. they are new and various types available. there guard mouldings front and rear sill mouldings and rear bumper.  NEW ZEALAND NEW ONLY SOMETIMES CALLED GLHA2,GLHAX ZC21S,ZC71S,
  • $ 27.00
    left hand outside door handle 2nd hand and many colours in stock these have been checked,tested  and inspected before on selling. 12 month part replacement policy. fit 2004- 2010 Suzuki Swift. suitable for New Zealand new and Japanese imports. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC32S,ZC72S,models
  • $ 32.95
    Brake Wheel Cylinders. Bosch only braking system Left hand for Suzuki Swift 2004-2010 all models. Suit Japanese import and New Zealand models Its best practice to replace both rear wheel cylinders to keep equal fluid pressure. To fit models: Suzuki Swift ZC11, ZC31, ZC71, ZC72, ZD11, ZD21
  • $ 59.92
    New Rear brake disc for Swift Sports. for one  2006-2016 Suzuki Swift Sports Japanese import and NZ new. new and OEM quality ,ZC31S,,ZC32S,
  • $ 92.00
    New OEM rear brake disc and pads. 2006-2010 Suzuki Swift Sports comes as a single rear brake rotor and a set of rear brake pads. suit NZ new and Japanese import models. excellent semi ceramic brake pads. only suits Suzuki swift Sports. ZC31S, ZC32S.
  • $ 57.50
    New rear brake pads facelift model  for 2010-2017 Suzuki Swift Sports they fit New Zealand new and Japanese import models. top quality semi ceramic brand Remsa great stopping power.low noise  ZC32S Model.
  • $ 70.42
     Genuine new top strut mount . this is for a single strut mount and bearing genuine new part with warranty 2004-2010 Suzuki Swift. suitable for NZ new and Japanese import models. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC32S,ZC71S,

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