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  • $ 80.00
    New rear hub bearing. top branded  bearing for 2004-2010 Suzuki Swifts. fits left or right hand rear hubs. suitable for New Zealand new or Japanese import models. comes as a kit with retaining clip,hub nut,dust cap,and bearing. does not fit Swift SPORTS ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC71S,models.
  • $ 35.00
    genuine new engine oil level dip stick. Swift Swifts 2005-2010. NZ new and Japanese import models. M13A,M15A,M16A engines ZC11S,ZD11S,ZC21S,ZD21S,ZC31S,
  • $ 15.00
    New foglight lamps. fit NZ new and Japanese import models. universal fit left or right. good fit and long lasting. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC32S,ZC71S,ZC82S,ZC11S,ZD21S,MODELS
  • $ 120.00
    NEW: Left Hand Front Lower Control Arm. Includes: New Inner bush and Outer ball joint. For Suzuki Swifts from 2005-2010. Japanese and NZ new models. Aftermarket Lower Arm. ZC711S, ZC21S, ZC31S, ZC71S Models
  • $ 34.95
    NEW Air filter element. Top quality Ryco . Fits 2004-2010 Suzuki Swifts, Japanese imports & New Zealand new models. Engines: M13A, M15A. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,Models
  • $ 22.00
    Genuine new front bumper bracket. genuine and new right hand side located on the front guard and the front bumper cover clips into it. 2004-2010 Suzuki Swift, fits New Zealand new and Japanese imports including Sports models. ZC11S,ZD11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC32S,ZC71S,Models
  • $ 70.00
    New universal radio fascia panel. to suit 2004-2010 Suzuki Swifts. NZ new and Japanese import models. as per photo suitable for one or two din units. comes as a kit with brackets and deck unit brackets. any brand deck unit will fit Sony,Pioneer JVC etc etc. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZD11S,ZD21S,ZC71S,models.
  • $ 75.00
    Genuine new top strut mount and bearing. for 2004-2010 Suzuki Swift. NZ new and Japanese import models including Sports model. special equipment is needed to fit mount and bearing ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC32S,ZC71S,MODELS.
  • $ 34.00
    New air filter element. new Wix Brand air filter element. to suit 2007-2010 Suzuki Swifts. running the K12B engine only. Japanese import models. ZC71S model.
  • $ 50.00
    New DRL Driving lamp. Temp out of stock until  mid  Feb 2021 huge delays with delivery from overseas due to covid For 2004-2017 Suzuki Swift left or right side. interchangeable aftermarket Product comes with the fog light bulb. Fits all models including the Sport model, New Zealand new & Japanese import models. Models: ZC11S, ZC21S, ZC31S, ZC32S...
  • $ 85.00
    Left hand headlight. Sorry temp out of stock more end Jan 2021 for 2004-2006 Suzuki Swift. 2nd hand unit complete no scratches  does not come with bulbs or wiring. E marked genuine 2nd hand part number in photos. NZ new and Japanese import models. ZC11S,ZD11S,ZC21S,ZD21S,ZC31S
  • $ 145.00
    New spark plugs NGK Iridium. 2007- 2012 Suzuki Swift. the best you can buy excellent quality and long lasting. New Zealand new and Japanese import models. Good fuel consumption and performance. top quality brand the best spark plug to fit to your engine. good for at least 100,000 kms. To fit K12B 1242cc Engine only!!!!
  • $ 90.00
    New rear shock units. Monroe Brand great quality Monroe brand. suit 2006-2015 Suzuki Swift Sports New Zealand new and Japanese import models. 36 months  80,000km parts replacement warranty. models ZC31S ,ZC32S,
  • $ 80.00
    New Monsoon Set . Suzuki Swift 2005-2010. comes complete. a pair for the front and a pair for the rear. colo is a dark smoke  almost black. fitting instruction issued below ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC71S models
  • $ 20.00
    New rear wiper blade . suit 2004 to 2014 Suzuki Swifts. NZ new and Japanese import models. Good wiping action ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC32S,ZC71S,
  • $ 12.00
    new Swift SPORTS badges. 2 types  Black only at present easy to install, suit Suzuki Swift Sports. ZC31S,ZC32S,  
  • $ 12.00
    New S badge rear hatch emblem. new and genuine fits all grilles. fits all Suzuki Swifts from 2004 on. NZ new and Japanese import models. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC32S,ZC71S,ZC82S,ZC83S Models
  • $ 85.00
    2nd hand alternator. for 2004 to 2010 Suzuki Swift suitable for M13A. M15A.M16A. engines.  fits Japanese import and New Zealand new models.  numbers off the alternator,tag colour or even a photo helps greatly.  12 month part replacement warranty.
  • $ 80.00
    Right front seat belt.  2nd hand for Suzuki Swift 2004-2010. NZ new and Japanese import models. inspected for any fading,rips or fraying before sent to you. also came out of a vehicle that the airbags have not deployed. 12 months parts only warranty. ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZD11S,ZD21S,ZC71S Models.
  • $ 38.00
     New front sway bar link arm. for Suzuki Swift 2004-2010. link arms are 300mm long. left hand and right hand are interchangeable units. these link arms fit New Zealand new or Japanese import vehicles. models ZC11,ZC21,ZC31,ZC71,ZC72,ZC82,ZD11,ZD21
  • $ 15.00
    New drip rail roof moulding X1 for Suzuki swifts 2010 to 2017. there are 4 pieces that fit into the roof moulding. 2 on the left side and 2 on the right. they are blanks that cover the slots for a roof rack NZ new and Japanese import models. ZC82S ZC72S,Models.
  • $ 23.50
    New rear wiper arm and blade  2004-2016 on Suzuki Swift.  NZ new and Japanese import models. no nut or cap at this stage ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC32S,ZC82S,ZC71S,models.
  • $ 70.00
    Left rear seat belt. suit 2004-2010 Suzuki Swifts. NZ new and Japanese import models. tested before removed from recycled vehicle. they are checked for any fraying or cuts ZC11S,ZC21S,ZC31S,ZC32S Models
  • $ 95.00
    Genuine new Oxygen Sensor upstream or top 4 pin type connector short one about 380mm long. for Suzuki Swift 2001 to 2005. these are for the early model Swifts as listed below. Models code HT51S,HT81S,HR51S,HR81S, fits the G13A G15A,G16A engines. suitable for New Zealand new and Japanese import models. also fit the Holden Cruz,

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